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Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

In a perfect world, you would always have the most efficient cooling system on the market. Unfortunately, that would require getting a new system every couple of years. You can’t always have the newest, shiniest system, but that doesn’t mean yours can’t operate at max efficiency. There are a few simple things you can do to help your system running....   More

Is your plumbing about to fail? Is your plumbing about to fail?

There is never a convenient time to be without plumbing. A faulty faucet can be overcome, but anything much more serious can have a real impact on your life and comfort. Whether you own or rent, you should always be on the lookout for clues that your plumbing could be facing potential issue. Here are 10 red flags you should watch out for.   More

A South Florida Winter A South Florida Winter

Winter isn’t exactly a term you associate with southern Florida. With average temperatures in the high sixties, it’s hard not to love spending time in Fort Lauderdale while the rest of the country freezes. Even though our temperatures can feel extreme (thanks humidity), our average temperature only ranges about 10 degrees. You may think there aren’t any seasonal implications on your....   More

Angie’s List Super Service Award Angie’s List Super Service Award

Lindstrom is proud to be a recipient of the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award. This award reflects an exemplary year of customer service to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2016. While an Angie’s List award, the Super Service Award is really chosen by customers. Only companies who have an A rating are eligible....   More

Why You Should Consider a Nest Thermostat Why You Should Consider a Nest Thermostat

The third generation Nest Learning Thermostat does just that. The new Nest has a slew of features to make your home more comfortable, more energy efficient, and much easier to manage. The thermostat studies your behavior to adjust the temperature to match your habits.   More

How Much Water are You Using? How Much Water are You Using?

As a country, we waste 1 trillion (you read that right, trillion) gallons of water every year. This number is almost too big to fathom. Luckily, there are many things we can all do to help bring this number down. The biggest and most effective is to purchase energy efficient appliances. The PACE program has made this an affordable choice for all! In addition to these purchases, there are smaller steps you can take that will make a daily impact to reducing your consumption.   More

What’s in a Price? What’s in a Price?

In the service industry, we are constantly asked about our prices. A lot of people want to understand how we determine the price of a service or product. Some people think it is based on the hourly rate of the technician or that we just pick a number out of thin air. Many factors actually play a role in determining....   More

Going green too expensive? You may qualify for this solution! Going green too expensive? You may qualify for this solution!

Everyone always seems to talk about going green. Most people, however, never mention the cost associated with this endeavor, just the potential savings. While economically savvy in the long run, green solutions can have high upfront costs that make them unattainable for the everyman. Luckily, a new financing program, Renew PACE, has emerged to help many Floridians make environmentally friendly....   More

Home Zoning and What It Means To You Home Zoning and What It Means To You

Wouldn’t it be crazy if one switch turned on and off all the lights in your home? That would make life much more difficult. That’s basically how your heating and cooling system works. When a single thermostat controls your home, it means you have no control over the individual temperature of your rooms.   More

6 Tips to DIY Your Clogged Drain 6 Tips to DIY Your Clogged Drain

No one likes a slow drain. Professional cleaning is always your best bet to clear your drains, but in a pinch, you can clear at least a portion of a clog on your own. Here are some tips to help you get that done.   More