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Water Heater Flush and Fill Maintenance

Over time sediment can form in the bottom of your water heater. Sediment is any solid material that does not get dissolved in the water. Small accumulations of sediment are not considered a serious problem. However, too much sediment can prevent the drain valve from working properly and may even affect the operating efficiency of your water heater, which costs you money.

To maintain the efficiency of your water heater and ensure the highest water quality for your home your water heater tank should be drained and flushed free of sediment every 12 months. Doing this should bring your water heater back to the original manufacturer’s specifications and potentially help prevent against invalidating your manufacturer’s warranty. Water heater manufacturers require maintenance of your water heater to keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid.

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Here are a few examples of what can happen to your water heater without proper maintenance:

Sediment that can form in your water heater tank.
An example of a burned out heating element.
An example of a water heater element and thermostat.

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