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South Florida Sniffles: Could Your AC be a Hidden Culprit?

South Florida Sniffles: Could Your AC be a Hidden Culprit?

In the embrace of South Florida’s perennial sunshine and the signature soundtrack of flip-flops, the winter season unfolds with its own set of nuances. While we savor the absence of snow angels and frozen fingers, it’s essential to recognize potential indoor health hazards within our homes. Amidst this idyllic haven of perpetual summer, even our steadfast air conditioning systems can play a role in the onset of those pesky winter sniffles.

Surprising as it may sound, even in the balmy climate of South Florida, your AC could play a role in cold and flu discomfort. Here’s how:

  • Dust: Over time, dust and allergens accumulate in AC vents and filters. When activated, these particles are dispersed into the air, triggering familiar allergy-like symptoms. Regularly change AC filters and consider upgrading to HEPA filters for enhanced allergen capture.
  • Increased Exposure to Airborne Pollutants: If your AC draws in air from outside through a poorly maintained system, it can bring in pollen, smog, and other pollutants that worsen allergies and irritate airways, especially during peak allergy seasons.
  • Circulation: Inadequate air circulation may trap airborne viruses and bacteria indoors, elevating the likelihood of shared sniffles among residents. Allow natural ventilation by periodically opening windows to circulate air effectively.
  • Maintenance: Neglected AC systems with clogged filters or dirty coils become breeding grounds for mold and mildew, releasing harmful spores that can induce respiratory issues. Schedule routine AC cleaning and maintenance with Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We’ll guarantee that your system operates efficiently and isn’t harboring any unwelcome guests.

Remember, a healthy AC system contributes to a happy and healthy home. Never underestimate the power of regular maintenance to keep your South Florida paradise free from seasonal sniffles. Breathe easy; call Lindstrom today at (800) 813-1824!

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