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Turn Your Tax Refund Into Money-Saving Home Improvements

Tax Refund

For most people, a tax refund is “fun money,” an unexpected windfall used to pay for an early summer getaway or the down payment on a new car. More practical folks might choose to use the funds to pay down credit card debt or invest for retirement. Here’s an even better idea: use it to…


How Much Water are You Using?

water side view

As a country, we waste 1 trillion (you read that right, trillion) gallons of water every year. This number is almost too big to fathom. Luckily, there are many things we can all do to help bring this number down. The biggest and most effective is to purchase energy efficient appliances. The PACE program has made this an affordable choice for all! In addition to these purchases, there are smaller steps you can take that will make a daily impact to reducing your consumption.


Shutting Down for Savings


Everyone wants to save money—we cut coupons, shop for the bigger deals, shut off lights in empty rooms…but what about closing off air vents in empty rooms?

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