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Customer Appreciation Month Spotlight

Customer appreciation

Founded in 1975, Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing has grown primarily through word of mouth. In celebration of all those years and valued customers, the Lindstrom team is shining a spotlight on client stories for Customer Appreciation Month!


Avoiding Holiday Plumbing Woes

clogged kitchen sink

The holidays seem to arrive so quickly each year! Are you already making to-do lists in prep for decking the halls? What items make those ultimate holiday get-together checklists?


How Weather Can Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

House and storm at sunset

Imagine this: It’s a classic, hot summer day in Florida. After soaking up the sun all day long, you head inside to cool off and breathe in clean, cool and quality air. As you’re cooling off, are you thinking about your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?


How to Get Toys and Other Objects Out of the Toilet

Toys in toilet

Kids at a certain age seem to really enjoy putting their toys into the toilet. Because, who doesn’t want to watch rubber ducky take a ride around the bowl and disappear?! I can still remember those days.


House Plants: Beyond a Pretty Corner Filler

Watering house plants

House plants have an inherently calming effect and are aesthetically pleasing. But a recent report by Science Daily says your friendly fichus may be more than just a pretty leaf. Scientists now believe that plants, along with the integration of smart-sensor-controlled air cleaning technologies, could improve indoor air quality in a cost-effective and sustainable way…


Go Green! The Earth Will Thank You for It!

Recycle Plastic Bag

You may have seen news reports recently indicating that all that recycling may be a waste … literally. For the last two decades, China has taken nearly half of the world’s scrap plastic that it would refashion for the manufacturing of sandals, phones, bottles, hoses, and other products. A year ago, the ruling Chinese Communist…

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