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Can I Save Money by Closing off HVAC Vents? Hint: No!

Wall HVAC vent

It’s 2020, and we want to start your New Year (and new decade) off right by helping you save money on your HVAC expenses. Our first money-saving tip is something you should NOT do this winter. An oft-heard tip for winter is to close off vents to unused spaces, but you shouldn’t do this for several reasons.


New Year, New Knowledge: Mastering HVAC Acronyms

It’s a new year and a new decade, and we here at Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing want to help you start 2020 right! One way we can help is with some new knowledge in HVAC acronyms. A quick read and you will be well-versed as to what your technician is referring to on your next Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing visit!


Customer Appreciation Month Spotlight

Customer appreciation

Founded in 1975, Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing has grown primarily through word of mouth. In celebration of all those years and valued customers, the Lindstrom team is shining a spotlight on client stories for Customer Appreciation Month!


Avoiding Holiday Plumbing Woes

clogged kitchen sink

The holidays seem to arrive so quickly each year! Are you already making to-do lists in prep for decking the halls? What items make those ultimate holiday get-together checklists?


How Weather Can Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

House and storm at sunset

Imagine this: It’s a classic, hot summer day in Florida. After soaking up the sun all day long, you head inside to cool off and breathe in clean, cool and quality air. As you’re cooling off, are you thinking about your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?


How to Get Toys and Other Objects Out of the Toilet

Toys in toilet

Kids at a certain age seem to really enjoy putting their toys into the toilet. Because, who doesn’t want to watch rubber ducky take a ride around the bowl and disappear?! I can still remember those days.

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