Women Find a Home in HVAC

Air conditioner repairmen work on home unit. Blue collar workers.

If you’re searching for a job that provides stability and ample growth opportunities, look no further than the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. On top of providing year-round work, it’s projected to reach $120 billion by 2022. Do you want to join a rapidly growing industry? There are plenty of jobs available for…


3 Plumbing Myths That Are Better Off Busted

There are things that we know to be true. If you go to a Loch Ness, you’ll probably run into Nessie. When you hear something go bump in the middle of the night while you’re camping, it’s just Bigfoot looking for his glasses. And of course, if you ever see a horseman coming your way…


Tips for New Heating/Cooling System Shopping

HVAC Unit Background

If your energy bills have been steadily on the rise—and you can’t blame the utility company for rate increases—it might be time to update your heating and cooling system. One way to find out whether your system is starting its swan song is by going to Home Energy Yardstick to compare your home’s energy usage…


Help Prevent Flu in Your Home with These Tips

Young man suffering from cold and coughing

Home air quality can significantly impact your health—studies show Americans spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors, including time at home spent sleeping, getting ready for work, or relaxing.


Toilets Around the World

In general, toilets are not exactly glamorous, but they’re something common to all cultures even if they don’t look the same in all cultures. With November 19th being World Toilet Day, we thought it might be interesting to learn more about toilets from around the world. Fancy toilets Our western-style sit-down toilets can look pretty…


Ventilation During the Holidays

It may be getting colder in other parts of the country as winter nears, but not so much in Florida. It may be that you only turn your heat on a few times every year and you don’t think about needing maintenance for your heating system. The fact is, however, maintenance is still crucial for…


Creepy Critters are for Halloween Not Your HVAC System

Halloween can be creepy enough without the thought of little critters invading your HVAC system and your home. Insects like stink bugs, silverfish, roaches, and spiders (technically not insects, but still creepy crawlers) and small animals like rats, mice, and even squirrels and raccoons can get in through gaps and holes in your HVAC system.…


Should I Jet Clean My Plumbing?

Drain pipes inevitably become clogged over time with grease, hair, soap scum, sludge, and roots, which inhibit the proper function of the draining system at your Florida home. When your blockage is too tough for drain snaking to help, sewer jet cleaning is the solution. Do I need a jet cleaning? Typically, a jet cleaning…


Natural Drain Cleaners VS. Chemical Drain Cleaners

There’s never a convenient time to get a clogged drain, and it’s tempting to run to the store and grab one of the many chemical drain cleaners that are on the market. They promise to be a quick and easy fix, but sometimes they are neither – and always they are dangerous. Danger to your…


What Happens When the Air Filter Gets Too Dirty

Changing the air filter on your heating and cooling system is one of the simplest maintenance tasks – and one of the most important. Keeping a clean air filter benefits you and your equipment. When you let the air filter become too dirty, bad things begin to happen: Impurities in your indoor air Air filters…