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By George on 09-13-2019
Great service performed in a timely manner.
By Stan on 09-10-2019
Excellent service from Alin Norcius.
By Dom on 09-10-2019
Very professional and seems very knowledgeable.
By Judith on 09-10-2019
Wayne Haughton knew exactly what to do. He checked out both units and explained what the problem was. I know when I have my next maintenancecheck-up, I will ask for him.
By David on 09-10-2019
Technician was polite, knowledgeable and highly skilled. He was able to answer some technical questions for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone. A great ambassador for Lindstrom!
By Tom on 09-10-2019
Abner is the most professional service tech I have ever had at my home. He is knowlegable and curtious. With so many choice in the service industry, I will continue to be loyal to Lindstrom because they hire good techs like Abner. Bravo Abner! Bravo Lindstrom! Tom Robertson
By Betty on 09-10-2019
Wayne was very professional and efficient and hopefully solve the problem. Very pleased with him
By Bernard on 09-10-2019
Carlos was extremely professional, and left the house spotless. I wouldn't hesitate for a second in recommending both Carlos and Lindstrom.
By Minnie on 09-09-2019
My service person was prompt and professional.
By Sue on 09-09-2019
Brendon did an excellent job insuring that our AC systems were maintained and operable.
By Bradley on 09-09-2019
Excellent customer service
By Dennis on 09-09-2019
Great worker
By Philip on 09-09-2019
Mr Nelson did a splendid job, exceeding my expectations. I thought the price was a little high but I needed the work done and didn't have time to shp around. I put my faith in the Lindstrom name.
By Marvin on 09-09-2019
I so appreciated Sammie Pullum's kind and quiet way. He came prepared with what he needed, got everything done with no problem, and I hope he'll be the one sent here whenever needed.
By Richard on 09-09-2019
Really nice guy, honest, great skillsAAA++++
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