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Lindstrom Matching Soon to Be Cut FPL Rebates through Dec. 31, 2014


Pompano Beach, FL (December 9, 2014) –

New federal manufacturing equipment standards that raise the minimum efficiency standards for residential air conditioning systems will go into effect on January 1, 2015.

New energy efficiency standards raise the minimum energy efficiency ratings of cooling equipment from 13 to 14 SEER. Consequently, Florida Power and Light will eliminate current rebates on 14 SEER equipment. Florida residents will also see significant cuts in the rebates they are currently eligible for when they upgrade to higher SEER efficiency ratings.

General Manager of Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing, Joe Canosa, makes it clear that they support the improvements equipment manufacturers are making in their industry- while recognizing the impact this rebate reduction will have to their customers.

“We are always proud of advances in the air conditioning industry, especially those that improve the energy efficiency of our equipment. However, we recognize that these changes come with an immediate negative impact to our customer. We created our current program to match Florida Power and Light’s with our customers in mind. Our hope is that this program will afford more residents of South Florida the opportunity to take advantage of savings before they expire in on December 31, 2014.”

Interested parties may contact Joe Canosa and his team at Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing directly at 954.282.7953 or for more information visit
To view the revised program standards, you may visit on or after Jan. 1, 2015.

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