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Keep Your Focus on What Matters Most This Year- We’re Guessing It’s Not Plumbing

Unless you’re in the plumbing industry, our guess is that you don’t want to think about your plumbing at all this year.  

However, chances are, you will. The last two months of the year are hardest on your plumbing.

As you spend more time in the kitchen preparing holiday meals and open your home to company or guests, your plumbing will get a workout.

No one wants to have a plumbing emergency with a full house or meal in the oven.

We’ve put together the following list of tips to treat your plumbing right this holiday season, unless, of course, you asked for a plumber this year.

Tip One: Maintain your water heater.

Your water heater needs annual maintenance once a year to return it to manufacturer standards, keep your warranty valid and ensure that everything is in working order. A ‘flush and fill’ is fairly inexpensive and will give you plenty of time to catch and address any problems.

Tip Two: Address any clogs, slow moving drains or blocked fixtures.

Make sure your guests have the best possible experience in your home by caring for your drains and build up on bathroom fixtures.

We never recommend the use of chemicals in your drains. There are many safer and more environmentally conscious ways to remove up and maintain your plumbing. If a simple plunger isn’t doing the trick, try removing the blockage with an inexpensive auger from the hardware store. Then, if you still cannot clear your drain- it’s time to call the plumber.
Also, make sure your showerheads are clean and spraying at full pressure before guests arrive. You can clean showerheads and nozzles easily by filling plastic bags with vinegar and attaching it to the nozzle overnight. A twistable tie works well for this purpose.

Tip Three: Avoid clogging your garbage disposal.

Contrary to what most believe, not all food is suitable to put down your garbage disposal. Avoid stringy foods like celery, peels and heavy foods like onions and potatoes, dense or sticky foods like cheese, and any coffee grounds or grease.

Put food down your disposal a little at a time, and ALWAYS run COLD water before, during and after operating your disposal. Hot water will only melt grease and allow it to build up deeper inside your plumbing.

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