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Start Your New Year with Clean Air

Over the course of a year, your air conditioner gets quite a workout in Southern Florida, which can make your air ducts dirty.

If your air ducts are dirty, the air quality of your home is likely poor too.

We suggest inspecting your ductwork annually to make sure you are circulating clean air in your home.

Clean air ducts also help your air conditioner to work more efficiently, which will often translate into lower energy bills and a longer life expectancy.

If you have an hour, you can complete this air duct inspection yourself.

In the meantime, keep an eye on your air vents when your system turns on. If you notice debris, dust or cobwebs blowing out of your vents your ductwork may be clogged further back.

Step One: Gather a flashlight and a simple camera with a flash. (We recommend a camera with a wrist strap that you won’t accidentally lose in your ductwork.)

Step Two: Find and remove the vent covers on the registers in each room of your home. They should be located in your ceiling or up high in your wall.

Step Three: Visually inspect your ducts with the flashlight. You will be able to get a closer view by reaching in and snapping pictures with a flash or the light of the flashlight.

Step Four: Check for build-up of dust, dirt, mold or evidence of pest infestation (such as mouse droppings or dead insects). If you find your ducts or see any signs of mold, it is time for a professional inspection and cleaning.

We hope you will give Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing a call first.

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