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How to Keep Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit Free from Debris

AC Unit at a South Florida home

Summer is here and it’s time to escape the heat and enjoy your air-conditioned home in comfort. Keep your family cool from the South Florida heat by ensuring that your outdoor unit is clean and free from debris. Follow these easy tips from the experts at Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing and you’ll stay cool all summer long.

Why Clean?

Dirt and debris on your outdoor A/C unit will clog your coils and other components exposed to the elements and ultimately prevent the machine from working efficiently. Simple clogs from dirt, plant fibers, and other debris can cause a blockage that will prevent airflow to your home and can even cause major damage that requires emergency AC repair.

Check the AC Unit Regularly

Take time around once a week to inspect your outdoor unit for debris. This could include leaves, plant materials, or windblown trash. Remove these items whenever you see them and clean the unit regularly with a stiff brush or a mild pressure hose. Always turn the unit OFF before cleaning it, especially if using water.

Watch your Landscaping

We all love a beautifully landscaped yard, but make sure that your shrubs, trees, or other plants are not too close to the unit. They could cause leaves or other materials to more easily clog up the air conditioner and cause damage. You should also make your best attempt to mow grass away from the unit and clean clippings nearby.

Professional Cleaning

At least once per season, you should have your AC System Inspected and tuned by a professional like the experts at Lindstrom. They will also inspect the unit for any necessary repairs. Our precision AC tune-up includes an inspection and basic cleaning of your indoor and condenser coils.

Call an AC Contractor in South Florida

Give Lindstrom a call today at (800) 813-1824 to schedule a visit for cleaning or inspection of your A/C unit, or you can also schedule online. We’ll help your family stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer season.

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