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How Do I Know If My Contactor is Bad?

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July is often the hottest month of the year here in South Florida, and it’s the last time you want your air conditioner to go out. One common A/C component that can have issues in the summer is the contactor. But what is a contactor and what does it do? Let Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing help you learn all about this element and how to keep it up and running!

What is the A/C contactor

All air conditioners have a contactor that serves as a transmitter to send operating information to the other parts of the unit and control the flow of electricity. When you turn on your unit, the contactor moves to allow electricity to run through the machine. Then when your home hits your preferred temperature, the contactor button pops back up to block power.

How can a contactor go bad?

Routine maintenance will help keep your contactor running well, but just like any electrical/moving component, it will eventually experience wear and tear. A few bad contactor signs can include:

  • Humming noise: A hum from your unit can mean that the contactor is trying to operate but the button cannot fully close to allow power to the machine.
  • Shuddering noise: If you hear a shuddering or chattering noise, this could mean that the unit has become dirty, and the contactor is trying to close but can’t do so completely.
  • Overheating/melting: Sometimes your contactor can overheat and melt the casing, meaning that your A/C will not be able to turn off. In this case, you will want to turn off the unit manually and have the contactor professionally replaced.

Professional AC repair from Lindstrom

Although it’s possible to test your contactor on your own, we highly recommend hiring an expert technician from Lindstrom if you need to replace an element of the machine or if you aren’t comfortable opening it up yourself. Our 19-point precision A/C tune-up includes an inspection of your contactor elements, and our work always comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you suspect your contactor is bad (or are having other A/C issues) give Lindstrom a call at (800) 813-1824 to take advantage of our star-spangled savings this July! Our HVAC technicians are standing by 24/7 to keep your family cool all summer long.

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