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Common A/C Issues in the Summer

Are you getting ready for summer in your South Florida home? Your air conditioner will probably be running at high power to avoid the heat, and that’s the last time you want it to go out. Check out some of the most common A/C issues you could experience this season, as well as tips from Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing to help prevent them.

Capacitor Failure

The run capacitor in your air conditioner helps the motor start-up and run throughout its cooling cycle. If your capacitor fails, the unit will struggle to start and will eventually shut off to prevent further damage or safety issues.

Heavy usage in the summer is when a capacitor is most likely to fail, but Lindstrom is happy to come out for an emergency repair to get your home cool again. We offer A/C repair 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and with 250+ employees, your unit will be up and running again in no time!

Air Filter Needs Changed

Your air filter should be cleaned or changed at least once a month, especially during periods of heavy use in the summer. A dirty filter will lower the indoor air quality for your family, and can also cause your unit to work less efficiently. On most units it is pretty easy to change the filter yourself, or you can schedule a full 19-point tune-up with Lindstrom, which includes a filter change.

Dirty A/C Coils

The coils on your A/C unit can easily accumulate dust and debris from sitting outside. A dirty unit will prevent it from working efficiently, so a quick fix is to use a hose with mild pressure to wash off the outside coils.

Regular inspection from a professional AC contractor is recommended at least once a season as well. Our precision cooling tune-up includes an inspection  of your indoor and condenser coils.

Motor Failure

A motor failure could be caused by any of the problems above. Dirt and debris on the filter or coils can create a strain on the motor to keep up. A failing capacitor can cause the motor to repeatedly start and eventually overheat. Motor failure is often one of the most expensive A/C repairs, but as with the issues above, it can usually be prevented with regular routine maintenance.

Are you in need of an A/C repair or tune-up, give the trusted experts at Lindstrom a call at (800) 813-1824 or schedule a visit online. We’ll have your family cool at home again in no time!

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