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Save Money and Energy While Protecting the Environment With ENERGY STAR® Products

Save energy and money

Energy efficiency can be a breath of fresh air for your wallet and the environment when you invest in certain high-efficiency products. You can both “go green” and “save green” by checking the qualifications of appliances in your South Florida home through the ENERGY STAR® program. The technicians at Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing can help update your home’s efficiency by installing or updating your HVAC and plumbing equipment today!

What are energy-efficient tax credits and rebates?

ENERGY STAR® is a government-backed rating system for high-efficiency products that can help save the environment — and save you money. The program offers many tax credits, incentives, rebates, and other money-saving initiatives to homeowners who install and operate energy-efficient equipment. Plus, you’ll save big on utility costs when using high-efficiency products!

With federal tax credits (extended through 2021), you could be eligible for 10% off the equipment cost up to $500 in your primary residence. The ENERGY STAR® program also provides a rebate finder of local offers for which you may qualify. When you install the following equipment with a Lindstrom professional technician, be sure to check into the savings that come with it.

Air cleaners and purifiers

Air cleaners and purifiers are a great benefit to homeowners in the age of COVID-19, as they can reduce the growth of mold, bacteria, allergens, and more. They can also improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit by up to 25%. An ENERGY STAR®-rated air purifier can serve your home well with high efficiency and utility savings over the unit’s lifetime.

Smart thermostats

Like the Nest Thermostat installed by Lindstrom, smart thermostats can learn your family’s living habits related to temperature and room usage. The device will then use this programming to improve your home’s energy efficiency by only heating or cooling when necessary. Smart thermostats are also highly convenient with remote app control at home or away. 

Traditional and tankless water heaters

Water heaters can operate more efficiently in a various of ways, including solar, heat pumps, and tankless options. At Lindstrom, we offer our customers Rheem ENERGY STAR® water heaters in both standard and hybrid form, with affordable installation and easy maintenance. We also install tankless, or on-demand, water heaters from Rinnai to only heat water when your family needs it.

If you are ready to improve your home’s energy efficiency, reach out to the experts at Lindstrom via phone at (800) 813-1824 or schedule a visit online. We’d love to help you breathe easier knowing that your home’s equipment is operating in peak condition and efficiency.

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