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Top 5 Summer Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems can happen any time, but summer seems to be the time you’re more likely to have certain issues pop up with your plumbing — whether it’s because kids are home from school or the plants are in overdrive with all the heat, humidity, and sunshine. Regardless of the reason, here are the five most common issues plumbers see during summer months.

Clogged garbage disposal

You probably know what should and should not go down the garbage disposal but kids at home maybe aren’t quite as mindful. Why can’t that plate of spaghetti or that banana peel go down the garbage disposal? Then there’s the cookout season with its watermelon rinds, corn on the cob, potato peels from all that potato salad, and leftover brussel sprouts from the grill — all things that should definitely not go down the garbage disposal. Try to keep the garbage disposal in good working order by using it to process only small amounts of soft organic material, and then run cold water for a few seconds afterward for good hygiene.

Toilet back ups

More traffic from summer visitors and kids at home means a greater likelihood of a toilet clog. It’s a good idea to use toilet paper that dissolves easily and remind family that no one needs to cram large amounts of it down the toilet each time they flush. That goes double for feminine products, baby wipes, paper towels, newspaper, or diapers — those items should never ever be flushed down the toilet. If a clog occurs, use a plunger. If that fails to do the trick, call a plumber. Sometimes summer rains can get into sewer pipes and cause back-ups as well.

Sprinkler problems

An irrigation system is a necessity if you want to keep a green lawn during hot summer months. It’s important to have the sprinkler heads inspected and cleaned regularly – usually at the beginning of the warmer season. They can get stuck in the wrong position and fail to water, or water one area while neglecting others. It won’t be long before you see the patterns in your lawn of a sprinkler system fail.

Washing machine issues

Kids home from school and busy with summer activities leads to much more laundry. Spending days by the pool or beach means extra loads (and maybe a little extra sand) going through and putting stress on your machine. Make sure there are no kinks in your water line hose by keeping your machine moved away from the wall a bit. It’s tempting to throw in a load and leave, but best if you’re home while the washing machine is running. If you spot any leaks, check the hoses for signs of splits. If your hose needs to be replaced, a stainless steel hose is sturdier than a rubber hose, and will last longer. Additionally, pets shed a lot more during this time of year, so try to keep pet hair in the wash to a minimum by brushing your pet regularly. (Also, if you bathe your pet in the tub, make sure you have a trap to capture the fur and debris before it makes it down the drain pipe.)

Leaky faucets

Faucets eventually leak — there’s no getting around it. They wear out over time and have to be replaced. It’s a year-round issue, but as pertinent in the summer as any other issue. If you have a leak, a plumber can fix it so you don’t waste money on higher water bills.

Call a Plumber in South Florida

When plumbing issues arise, during the summer or at any time, its best to call a trusted local plumber to handle the problem safely before little problems grow into big problems.

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