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No Animals Were Harmed During the Sealing of These Ducts

We mean your air ducts of course.  Although your utility bill may want to watch out.  Many people are surprised to learn that their air ducts have a significant impact on their home’s energy consumption.  Sealing or insulating your ducts can improve the efficiency of your cooling system, saving you up to 30% on your utility bills.

Whole-house duct sealing is also typically one of the most cost effective ways to save energy in your home.  And there are more than just financial benefits to having them professionally sealed.  We’ve put together a Top Five list we think you will find as entertaining as it is informative.

Top Five Reasons to Have Your Ducts Sealed

5.  Save Energy and Help Protect the Environment.  Sealing your ducts will improve the efficiency of your cooling system, thus saving energy and fossil fuels in the process.  Having your ducts sealed is like saving the environment, and who doesn’t love saving the environment?

4.  Protect Yourself and Your Family.  Sealing your ducts can prevent a dangerous phenomenon known as ‘back drafting’ from circulating combustion gases (carbon monoxide for example) released from your dryer, water heater or heating system back into your home instead of outdoors as intended.  This one is simple; no one likes a gassy home.

3.  Improve the Quality of Your Air.  Leaky ductwork can also allow allergens, insulation particles, dust or other fumes to enter your duct system.  Circulating these pollutants throughout your home can aggravate allergies and respiratory ailments.  As if the idea of loosing air and wasting money didn’t already make you sick enough.

2.  Save Money.  We covered your lower utility bills already, but there’s more.  Sealing your ducts will often pay for itself in energy savings.  The timing on recouping your investment will depend on many variables, but once you do, it’s like getting all of these benefits FOR FREE.

1.  Be More Comfortable.  Comfort is the reason you have a cooling system in the first place.  What is the point of spending money on purchasing a quality air conditioner and paying for the energy to operate it, if you’re duct system is just leaking all over the place?  If you have rooms in your home that are difficult to cool or feel stuffy and never seem to be comfortable, you likely have a duct problem on your hands.

Ready to comfortably save the world, your family, and your money too?  Call us today and ask about whole-house duct sealing.  If you hurry, you can save even more.

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