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How to Save Yourself from Humidity

Anyone who has lived in Southern Florida for long knows a thing or two about humidity.  While running your air conditioner remains one of the most effective ways to battle humidity, no one enjoys paying the higher costs of a comfortable home.  However, high humidity indoors can cause your home to rot, especially in the South.  A wet house also attracts more pests as bugs look for water and find it in the condensation inside your home.

Allergists say that humidity above 50 percent in your home can also contribute to an increase in allergic reactions and respiratory ailments.  “Humidity promotes mold and dust mite population growth.  Both are significant indoor allergens and can set off allergic sensitivity and can trigger rhinitis and asthma,” said Dr. Michael Ruff, allergist working to promote awareness for the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology.

How would you like a drier, safer and more comfortable home this summer and still have money left over after you pay the utility bills?  We’ve compiled a list of tips to keep in mind as we approach the wettest time of the year.  Keep water where it belongs, in the pool! 

Do This:

• Ventilate areas that create moisture, like the bathroom or kitchen.  Run the exhaust fan or open a nearby window.
• Install hard floor coverings instead of carpet, which is a haven for humidity-loving dust mites.
• Contact an HVAC contractor to ensure your air conditioner is sized properly- if it is too large for your home it will not effectively remove moisture.
• Keep an eye out for any leaking pipes, faucets, walls or the roof.  Repair leakages immediately.

Not This:

• Don’t use heat or perform steam producing chores during times when outdoor humidity is high.  Plan these activities when you are able to ventilate your home well.
• Don’t keep an abundance of houseplants inside your home.  Exposed soils and multiple plants create more moisture in your air.
• Don’t air dry clothing indoors.  Many people like to save energy by hanging delicates to dry.  Do this outside to avoid adding to your indoor humidity.
• Don’t take longer showers than necessary during humid months.  Hot baths are another culprit for adding to the humidity levels in your home.

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