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New Florida HVAC Rebate “Cash for Clunkers” Program

(Coconut Creek, FL, August 23, 2010) – Florida State officials recently approved a program that will give Florida residents a flat fee rebate for replacing their old inefficient heating and cooling systems with a properly-sized energy efficient system. The program will officially start August 30, 2010 and end December 31, 2010 or when the $15 million set aside for this program runs out. The amount of this rebate is $1500 (limit one per household) and can be combined with the current federal energy tax credit (30 percent of the price of a new unit, including installation charges, up to $1,500). This is a great opportunity for homeowners to save money, lower energy bills and increase indoor comfort, but don’t procrastinate too long, both programs expire the end of this year.

According to Joe Canosa, General Manager of Lindstrom Air, “There has never been a better time to replace your old inefficient system. Being able to combine the state rebate and federal tax credit, allows homeowners to claim some great savings. The only downside is the limited time frame. We encourage anyone thinking about this to move quickly, as the state rebates will run out when the funds are depleted and both programs expire at the end of this year.”

Eligible products for this program include: central air conditioners, air source heat pumps or geothermal heat pumps. The state rebate program was designed to encourage homeowners to install higher efficiency systems that will help lower energy and put less strain on the energy grid in Florida. This rebate gives homeowners an incentive to make good energy-wise decisions when replacing older, inefficient systems.

In order to qualify for the rebate program a Florida homeowner must purchase and install a new HVAC system, have their ducts tested with a resulting leakage score of no more than 15 percent, and submit a completed rebate application form, along with four additional documents: your installation receipt, a copy of your mechanical building permit required by your city or county, a copy of your final duct leakage report and the first page of the “Manual J program” that shows how your unit was sized to fit your home. Duct testing must be done by a Florida Class 1 rater, Florida licensed mechanical contractor or recognized test and balance agent.

Canosa states, “We are one of the few qualified, licensed HVAC companies in the area that can help walk you through this process from beginning to end. We’ll help you make decisions on which products qualify and we’ll provide you with the necessary paperwork.”

According to Progress Energy of Florida, heating and cooling represents 42 percent of the energy used in the average home in Florida. Therefore, improving a home’s HVAC system presents the greatest opportunity for energy savings. Also the University of Florida’s IFAS Extension Service determined that among typical homes in Florida, duct systems lose 25 to 40 percent of heating or cooling energy. Leaky ducts also make your HVAC system work much harder. Home heating and cooling ducts leaking just 20 percent of the conditioned air passing through them causes your HVAC system to work 50 percent harder. With a new energy efficient system, homeowners will see savings in lower utility bills and by having the ducts tested and sealed in your home you will improve the overall indoor comfort as well as improve HVAC efficiency.

Until the end of this year by installing a new qualifying HVAC system, you can claim the Florida State Rebate, the federal tax credit, save money, and benefit in the long run with lower utility bills while improving indoor air comfort.

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