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Florida ENERGY STAR® Residential HVAC Rebate Program

The Florida ENERGY STAR® Residential HVAC Rebate Program is designed to encourage existing homeowners to replace their old energy-inefficient heating and cooling system with a properly-sized energy efficient system and to ensure that their heating and cooling duct system has minimal leakage. The amount of this rebate is $1500 (limit one per household) and can be combined with the current federal energy tax credit (30 percent of the price of a new unit, including installation charges, up to $1,500). This is a great opportunity for homeowners to save money, lower energy bills and increase indoor comfort, but don’t procrastinate too long, both programs expire the end of this year.

Amount of Rebate: $1,500, Limit of one rebate per customer and household for rebate offer.

Program Start Date: August 30, 2010 – No purchase invoices or installations with dates prior to August 30, 2010, will be accepted.

Program End Date: December 31, 2010, or when the funds are depleted. Purchase of any needed repairs to duct work and installation must be completed by this date. ??

Qualifying Appliances: The following Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Cooling (HVAC) standards have been set by the federal government to meet the Federal Energy Tax Credits standards. Systems that meet the Federal Energy Tax Credits standards will also meet Florida’s ENERGY STAR® Residential HVAC Rebate Program standards. ??If you have any concerns whether or not your HVAC system meets these qualifications, we strongly recommend consumers ask their installer for a copy of the AHRI Certificate of Product Ratings or the Manufacturer Certification Statement and attach it to your rebate application.

To Apply for the Rebate, a Florida homeowner must purchase and install a new HVAC system, have their duct system tested with a resulting leakage score of no more than 15 percent (0.10 Qn.out), and submit a completed rebate application form, along with four additional documents:

  • A copy of the HVAC system price and payment receipt with the purchase date, make and model clearly identified to ensure the system meets Federal Energy Tax Credit standards and the home address,
  • A copy of the mechanical building permit, with the home address identified, issued by either your county or city for your HVAC system replacement which is a requirement of the state when replacing an HVAC system,
  • A copy of the summary (first page) of the ACCA Manual J program, used to properly size the HVAC system, and
  • A copy of the Air Distribution System Test Report completed and indicating the home has no more than 15 percent leakage as evidenced by a score of 0.10 Qn.out.

Lindstrom Air is one of the few qualified, licensed HVAC companies in the area that can help walk you through this process from beginning to end. We’ll help you make decisions on which products qualify and we’ll provide you with the necessary paperwork.

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