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Natural Drain Cleaners VS. Chemical Drain Cleaners

There’s never a convenient time to get a clogged drain, and it’s tempting to run to the store and grab one of the many chemical drain cleaners that are on the market. They promise to be a quick and easy fix, but sometimes they are neither – and always they are dangerous.

Danger to your pipes

Most commercial chemical drain cleaners use lye or acid to eat away at grease, grime, or hair clogs. The problem is, they also eat away at your pipes. Metal pipes, especially older ones, degrade when you use drain cleaners often enough. And plastic pipes can be warped or melted by the chemically created heat, leaving cracks and creating leaky plumbing.

Danger to people

The powerful chemicals in these commercial drain cleaners are harmful to health if swallowed, breathed in, or come into contact with skin or eyes. They should always be kept securely out of reach of children or pets.

Another way they can be a danger to people is through the environment. These chemicals can damage your delicate septic system or make their way through the wastewater treatment plants into the water systems of lakes, rivers, and oceans.

A drain cleaner that’s eco-friendly

There’s no need to use harsh chemicals, as it turns out, because there is a natural drain cleaner available. For example, at Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing, we have a special seven-strain bacteria formula that utilizes biological decomposition instead of chemicals to keep drains free flowing. The specially-prepared solution harnesses the natural processes of living microorganisms to eat away at organic waste to clear clogged drains and keep them clean.

Our complete drain care and plumbing treatment can be used for slow running and clogged drains, septic systems, recreation vehicles, portable toilets, garbage disposals and more.

If you have a more serious plumbing problem, call a local plumber. It’s always best to protect you and your pipes. We can locate the clog whether in your drain, in your sink, shower or bathtub, our plumbers will have the tools on the job to fix it right the first time.

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