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Why does my shower water temperature constantly change?

water temp fluctuations

Nothing is better than a warm shower to begin the day, that is until the temperature suddenly changes. Your warm shower may instantly turn cold for seconds before returning warm again. Now your shower is officially ruined.

As an air conditioning and plumbing company that has been around for more than four decades, fluctuating water temperatures are an issue we see often. There could be many reasons why your South Florida home is experiencing water temperature fluctuations.

Avoid appliance use

The most common reason for sudden water temperature changes is the usage of other appliances inside of your home at the same time. Flushing the toilet or starting the dishwasher while the shower is running could cause a change in water temperature.

Replace your pressure-balancing valves

Your pressure-balancing valves could be the reason your shower suddenly goes scorching hot. These valves blend hot and cold water for a comfortable shower experience. If for some reason, the cold or hot water levels decrease, the valve could send very hot or cold water into your shower. Replacing the pressure-balancing valves is no easy task and should be left to the hands of a professional like those at Lindstrom.

Upgrade your pipe size

If you live in an older home, you may have pipes that are small in diameter, which can cause changing water temperatures. Installing larger pipes isn’t a do-it-yourself project. We recommend working with the team of professionals at Lindstrom.

Replace your water heater

Most showers can use between two and 14 gallons per minute, but hot water may be more in demand in your household. If your home experienced any bathroom additions in the past few years, and your hot water tank was not upgraded to a larger size, this might be the blame for temperature fluctuations. A small water heater won’t be able to keep up with a large household.

No matter what causes your water temperature fluctuations, the team at Lindstrom is more than happy to diagnose and repair the issue. Schedule your appointment by calling (800) 813-1824.

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