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Ventilation During the Holidays

It may be getting colder in other parts of the country as winter nears, but not so much in Florida. It may be that you only turn your heat on a few times every year and you don’t think about needing maintenance for your heating system. The fact is, however, maintenance is still crucial for a heater because of the dust build up. When the heating elements kick on, the first thing to heat up is all that dust.

Preventing the odor of burning

If you want to prevent the smell (or actual presence) of smoke, you’ll want to have your system checked prior to any use. Getting everything cleaned off and having the air filter changed will ensure you don’t have that burning smoke-like smell being circulated through your house – alarming you or any holiday guests.

Cleaning your coils

Having extra people in the house may even generate enough heat to warrant using the air conditioner for brief periods. If you’re using heat in the morning, but air conditioning later in the day, you might run the risk of bacteria growing on your heating coils. No one likes the odor of burning, and no one likes the odor of mildew either. It’s a good idea to have professionals inspect and clean your coils – it can be part of a regular maintenance plan and it reduces the risk of accidental damage to your equipment.

Inspecting your ducts

This is also a good time to have all the dust, pet dander, and outdoor allergens that build up over time cleaned out of your ducts. During this time, you can make sure you don’t have any leaks in your ductwork that may let out energy and allow in dirt or pests.

Changing your air filter

When an air filter gets dirty your HVAC system must work harder to push air through your home. This makes your system inefficient, which means higher energy costs and dirtier interior air. You may not notice the gradual change in your home’s air freshness, but holiday visitors will.

Using a fan in the kitchen

Holiday visitors often mean extra activity in the kitchen and when your oven is going full tilt with boiling and baking, make sure you utilize the fan in the hood over your oven to dissipate the excess moisture (and occasional smoke) from your kitchen. If you don’t have a hood fan, just open a window and place a box fan on the sill so it can blow the hot damp air out of your kitchen to the outside. If you don’t have a fan that will work, create a draft by opening two windows at opposite ends of the area.

Keep your home’s air smelling clean and fresh – especially during the unusual activities of the holidays – by making sure your HVAC is well maintained by a trusted local HVAC company.

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