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Skipping Maintenance Can Leave You Stranded!

Let’s face it, the more things you have the more things you have to take care of.  It makes sense to take care of the most expensive things you own first.  Two great examples are your car and your heating and cooling system.  You’re not going to skip maintenance on your car because you know without regular maintenance (oil changes, tune-ups, etc.) it’s likely to breakdown prematurely, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.  And replacing a car is an expense you definitely want to avoid.

Same thing applies to your heating and cooling system, often the most expensive equipment in your home.  By sticking to a regular schedule for system tune ups you can save significant dollars over the years in lower maintenance costs and lower utility bills while increasing the lifespan of your heating/cooling equipment. 

Looking back at our client records at Lindstrom Air Conditioning, we were able to determine that 50% of our repair calls could have been avoided by regular maintenance.  Yearly tune-ups help you avoid much more expensive repairs.  For instance, during a typical tune-up your technician will have a long checklist that they perform on your air conditioner.  These checks enable the technician to catch things like a loose electrical connection or parts with visible wear.  These problems caught at the time of a tune-up can easily be fixed and will help avoid costly repairs later.

Lack of maintenance leads to dirt and dust build-up in your system as well.  This build-up obstructs the air passing through your system and causes it to run harder and longer, greatly decreasing its efficiency.  As your system works harder to beat the heat, your monthly utility bills will go up.

A system that works harder wears out more quickly.  Granted, all working equipment wears eventually, but by maintaining your heating & cooling equipment regularly you can put off replacement for later rather than sooner.

Skipping maintenance on your heating and cooling system leads to repairs, early equipment failure, inefficiency, and higher utility bills.  Being smart about your maintenance responsibilities can save you a lot on the expensive things in your life.   The cost of a yearly tune-up is inexpensive in comparison to the costs if you skip it and no one wants to be stranded with a broken air conditioning system on the hottest day of the summer!


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