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Low water pressure? Here’s why

reasons for low water pressure

reasons for low water pressureOne sign that all may not be well with your plumbing may come in the morning — when you realize that your shower is not as invigorating as it once was. Or perhaps you’re experiencing issues with your toilet, kitchen sink, or outdoor water hose.

When water pressure is dropping to less than optimal levels, the following issues are likely to be at the root of the problem.


Mineral deposits can build up

Low water pressure in an isolated instance can indicate there’s a buildup of mineral deposits inside the lines. For example, if your bathroom sink faucet or showerhead seem to be running less forcefully, mineral deposits or other debris are likely obstructing the flow. Additionally, the corrosion of aging steel or galvanized pipes also could be contributing to a buildup of debris. If there is low pressure with hot water, you may have some mineral blockage on the outlet side of your water heater.


Faulty water pressure regulators

Water pressure regulators are plumbing valves that control the pressure of water flowing from the main water line into your home. You probably don’t think anything about them until something goes wrong – and if your pressure regulator is not working properly for any reason, you may notice a change in your water pressure.


Water leaks

Low water pressure could also be a sign that water is leaking as a result of a damaged pipe. If your water bills are higher but your water pressure is lower, that might be a sign there’s a leak. Figuring out if there’s a leak might require a bit of investigation. If you cut off all your water taps, then compare the recordings on your meter, you’ll be able to see whether or not it has changed after several hours. If it has changed after several hours, you probably have a leak and should call a plumber.


Valves askew

Another potential reason for low water pressure are valves that are not set in the right position. Perhaps the main shutoff valve for your home has been turned down or off — whether intentionally for a repair or by accident, and was never opened back fully. If so, it’s an easy fix.


Lots of people

Low water pressure could be caused by the number of people living in your house. It could even be affected by your neighbors using water around the same time every day. Too much demand on the water supply can result in low water pressure. Unfortunately – that’s not an issue a plumber can fix!

For the most part, when you notice a problem with low water pressure that doesn’t seem to be related to an easy solution, it’s a good idea to contact a professional plumber to determine (and fix) the problem at its source.


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