Signs Your Plumbing May Be About to Fail

Is your plumbing about to fail?

brown water plumbing

brown water plumbingThere is never a convenient time to be without plumbing. A faulty faucet can be overcome, but anything much more serious can have a real impact on your life and comfort. Whether you own or rent, you should always be on the lookout for clues that your plumbing could be facing potential issue. Here are 10 red flags you should watch out for.

  1. Here are Noisy pipes- While it could mean they’re just loose, it could also indicate water pressure that is too high.
  2. Rotten egg smell- Smells can usually mean mold or bacteria, but an egg smell is likely the result of a sewer line issue.
  3. Slow drain- Drains can be clogged from many sources, unfortunately, one of those sources is sewage.
  4. Increased water bill- Unless you’ve added a new family member, a sharp increase in your water bill could mean leaks or other damage.
  5. A running toilet- This may seem like an isolated issue, but it can wreak havoc on your water bill.
  6. Red, yellow, or orange water- Water this color means that the insides of your pipes have rusted. It won’t cause health issues, but it should be fixed ASAP.
  7. Green or blue water- While the color of ocean water, in your home, this water discoloration means copper or brass is seeping into your water, likely from your pipes.
  8. Brown or yellow water- This has two possibilities, if it happens only to hot water, the issue is in your water heater. If it happens when you first turn on the tap, your water may have zinc from galvanized pipes.
  9. Water stains- If you see new water mark on your ceiling, it means either your pipes or roof have a leak. Neither option is ideal, but both should be addressed quickly.
  10. Colder water- If water isn’t getting as hot as quickly as it used to, you could have an issue with your water heater.

As a homeowner (or renter), you should be aware with how all the systems in your home are working. If you notice any of these red flags, give us a call to come check out the issue. We’ll have your plumbing running smoothly in no time!

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