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New Homeowner Tips & Tricks

New homeowner tips

Congratulations! You’re a new homeowner! This has probably been one of the most overwhelming yet exciting experiences you’ve gone through. Between closing on the deal, picking out new furniture, and making your house a home, there are several other things that you’ll want to add to your to-do list to make sure you’re in a safe, comfortable environment. Lucky for you, our experts at Lindstrom are here to give you a few new homeowner tips and tricks that you’ll want to know.

  1. The first thing is to know your HVAC system. The way you heat and cool your home is essential. Understanding how it works could save money and prevent problems with the system in future years if nothing was done beforehand! Know the type of system – does it have central air, mini-split, heat pumps – the age of the system, warranty deadline, etc.
  2. Keeping the landscape around your home in check will not only make it look beautiful but also help with proper airflow and HVAC performance. Trees should be at least three feet away from your unit so it can “breathe” properly without interference. Shrubs also hinder airflow by trapping dust particles inside their leaves, which impedes proper ventilation.
  3. Your heating and cooling system is one of the most important components of your home. Scheduled annual maintenance will help your system run smoothly and give you peace of mind knowing what’s happening with your unit’s performance before problems arise. Pro tip: schedule maintenance during spring or fall when temps are a little lower than average.
  4. When your home constantly seems dusty, has uneven temperatures, and feels more humid than usual, it could be because there’s a leak in the ductwork. Duct leaks negatively affect an HVAC system’s performance which sends conditioned air into spaces like between walls before getting to your desired room! The best way for homeowners to find this flaw. A professional inspection from someone who knows what they’re doing- like us at Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing.
  5. Lastly, when you get to furnishing your home, and checking off each room, check to make sure that nothing is blocking air vents and that they are all open. Both blocking and closing vents can cost you more money in the long run. Your system will have to work harder, which means higher energy costs for heating or cooling your home! Plus, there’s no point blocking good airflows with furniture.

If you have questions or need guidance on maximizing your HVAC unit’s lifespan and energy savings, give us a call a Lindstrom Air expert at (800) 813-1824 to schedule an appointment.

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