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Lindstrom Air Helps Homeowners Improve Water Quality

August is Water Quality Month, and local cooling, heating, and plumbing company Lindstrom Plumbing would like everyone in South Florida to ensure that the water in their home is safe.

A survey conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency reveals that 84% of Americans are concerned about water quality. And this concern is not unfounded; in tests of drinking water across the country, over 300 contaminants have been identified.

“No one wants to think that the water they drink, cook in, and bathe in may be contaminated.  But the fact is that it is much more likely to be contaminated than clean,” says Joe Canosa, General Manager of Lindstrom Air.

The first step is to have a water quality professional evaluate the water in your home.  After any and all contaminants have been identified, you can work together to improve your water quality.

“An excellent way to clean your water is to install a water filtration system,” continues Canosa. “A water filtration system can reduce the amount of contaminants such as lead, dirt, chlorine, algae, mold and cysts.

A water filtration system may come in two forms: whole house or drinking water only.  A whole-house filtration system is installed at the point where water enters your home, so it filters every drop of water that your family uses. A drinking water filtration system filters only that water that comes out of your kitchen or bathroom faucet where it is installed, and only filters the water that is delivered through that faucet. 

Either type of water filtration results in better tasting water, less cloudiness, and a reduction of contaminants in the water your family drinks.  A whole-home system also helps protect your appliances and pipes, and reduces lime scale buildup.

Water softeners are also effective at improving water’s taste and odor by reducing contaminants.  They also protect appliances and pipes by reducing lime scale and hard water.  Water softeners are installed where water enters your home and so provide whole-home water benefits.

If you are concerned about the quality of the water that your family uses to eat, clean, and bathe, call a water quality professional, such as Lindstrom Plumbing, for an evaluation today. 
To visit the EPA’s Local Drinking Water Information page, go to

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