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Keep Your Cool. Stop Air Leakage.

Rising temperatures often means rising utility bills.  While it may be tempting to turn down the temperature on the thermostat, there are many more cost-effective and energy-saving ways to combat the heat.  Keep cool air inside of your home with these tips.  You may even want to consider hiring a professional to seal the ducts in your home, saving up to 20% of the air you have spent money cooling.

Install blinds, shades, or drapes to keep the heat out and the cool inside your home.  Reflecting the heat away from your home helps your air conditioner work more efficiently.  Always remember that keeping the heat out is the easiest way to keep your cool.

Insulate your home or improve the insulation that you already have installed.  It may seem obvious, but many people don’t have enough insulation in their attics and walls.  Upgrading from three to twelve inches of insulation can cut cooling costs as much as ten percent.

Protect yourself from air leakage and have your ducts sealed.  You may be loosing as much as 20% of your conditioned air through bad connections, leaks and even holes in your duct system.  Issues in your duct system mean that some of the cool air that leaves your air conditioner never makes it to the rooms it is intended to reach.  You may start to notice that your home doesn't feel as cool as it should or that your home is more humid than it normally feels.

Issues within your duct system can cost you more than money in wasted air.  Unwanted particles, pollen and even insulation can enter your ducts through holes and leaks and circulate into the air you and your family breathes.  Sealing your ducts will take less than a day to complete will save you both energy and money.   

Stop Air Leakage from Happening

Having your ducts sealed may be your most effective option for keeping your cool in this summer.  Here is what to expect during the process.

• The technician will seal all of the ducts in your home and force air through your system to determine the amount of leakage.

• Adhesive particles are sent through your system that will find and seal the leaks.  These particles will not coat the ducts but will fill gaps and holes as they move through your duct system.

• The technician will force air through your system again to test for any additional air leakage.

• Oftentimes you will receive a computer-generated report with before and after analysis of the leakage.

Keep your cool this summer and save money on your utilities.  Having your ducts sealed by a professional will also lower the amount of dust and humidity in your home.  Save up to $300 in utility costs and schedule a duct sealing today.

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