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How to Clean Your Dryer Vents

cleaning dryer vents

Laundry day! Wash, dry, fold, repeat! Or do you find yourself washing, drying, drying again, and again, and again? If your clothes are not getting dry, your dryer is getting too hot, or no sound or steam is coming from the dryer exhaust outside, it might be time to clean your dryer vents. Cleaning your dryer vents will help your dryer work more efficiently and help prevent dryer fires. Don’t worry; we’ve got step-by-step directions on how to clean your dryer vents.

Step 1: Disconnect. Start by pulling your dryer away from the wall to access the power source and disconnect it. If you have a gas dryer, make sure to shut off the gas supply. Locate your dryer hose and vent in the back. Use a screwdriver to disconnect the hose from the dryer vent, as well as the end of the hose that’s connected to the wall.

Step 2: Clean and Dust. Utilizing your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment, clean any visible lent from inside and around your wall, dryer vent, and dryer hose. Dryer vent cleaning brushes can also remove the remaining dust, dirt, and lint. It’s also great for those hard-to-reach places. Before reconnecting the dryer, locate your lint trap that holds the lint from each cycle. Be sure to clear it as well, as it plays a factor in your dryer’s efficiency.

Step 3: Reconnect. Once you have sufficiently cleaned and removed all lint from each piece, reinsert the vent hose and reattach it with the clamps to the dryer side of the ventilation system. Repeat the process to reconnect the vent hose to the exterior ventilation pipe, then slide the dryer back against the wall. Once the dryer is in place, it’s time to clean the exterior vent outside (probably located on the side or back of your house). Repeat the cleaning process, then celebrate! You’re all done!

Alternative Methods

LintAlert is an alternative way to monitor your dryer. It digitally monitors your dryer vent to detect even the most minor air pressure changes through the SmartTap™ inserted into the dryer transition hose. When the device detects a dangerous change or blockage, it flashes a red light and gives you an alert.

For more information on LintAlert, how to schedule your next dryer vent cleaning or any of our other Fort Lauderdale area products and services, give us a call at (800) 813-1824; we’ve got you covered!

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