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Home Zoning and What It Means To You

home zoning

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Wouldn’t it be crazy if one switch turned on and off all the lights in your home? That would make life much more difficult. That’s basically how your heating and cooling system works. When a single thermostat controls your home, it means you have no control over the individual temperature of your rooms. This can be an issue if your house (like most) has hot and cold spots. Home zoning can help fix this issue.

What causes hot and cold spots?

  • Poor weathering strips
  • Deteriorating (or lack of) insulation in walls or floors
  • Old or poorly sealed windows and doors
  • Poorly maintained duct work
  • Rising heat
  • Inadequate sizing in your heating and cooling system
  • No home zoning

What is home zoning and how can it help me?

Home zoning utilizes split conditioning systems in lieu of a single unit. Or your existing can be modified by placing dampers in the ducts to control airflow. Thermostats connecting to a split system allow you greater control of the temperature in each room. This is great for multi-story homes, home with seasonally used rooms, basements, older homes, and rooms with high ceilings.

Home zoning greatly increases personal comfort. It also reduces your heating and cooling cost which can skyrocket in the winter and summer months. By keeping unused rooms from using up costly energy, you can save a bundle. The beauty of home zoning is that when you do need to heat or cool those rooms again, you can easily send air back to them so that you and your guests are comfortable.

So if you like your bedroom cold but your living room nice and toasty, home zoning and a split system may be perfect for your home. Contact Lindstrom Air Conditioning for help setting up a customized, comfortable zoned system that’s just right for your lifestyle.

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