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Healthy Indoor Air Means a Healthy, Happy Family

There is nothing more important to us than the health of our families.  Did you know that the air inside your home may be making you and your loved ones sick?  Unsterilized air can spread disease and cause upper respiratory problems, as well as aggravate asthma and other breathing ailments.  By adding a germicidal UV lamp to your climate control system you can put a stop to the spread of germs.

Indoor air can be of poor quality because of our climate control systems. When houses are sealed, the mold, bacteria, and germs that exist in the air are re-circulated and multiply. Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, it’s very likely your whole family could be exposed to these re-circulated germs and viruses.

Germicidal UV lamps have been killing microorganisms in hospitals, food processing, and water purification facilities for decades and have been adapted for residential use in recent years. It’s as simple as a lamp with a specific UV spectrum, installed directly in your climate control system and working silently 24 hours a day. This lamp is able to break down the very DNA of germs, mold, and bacteria, eliminating them from your system and therefore the air in your home.
Even if you already use HEPA filters, these can’t kill the bacteria. They only move it to the filter; the bacteria can continue to reproduce on that filter and are still circulating in the air.

Germicidal UV lamps benefit you all year long by:

  • Killing germs, mold, and bacteria that can cause 50% of respiratory illnesses, according the American College of Allergists.  Think of all the tissues you’ll save.
  • Eliminating the odors that mold and mildew in your air conditioner cause.
  • Helping your cooling system function efficiently by keeping mold and mildew from collecting on the coils.  This lengthens the life of your system and reduces the chance of emergency repairs.

Germicidal UV lamps kill the mold, bacteria, and germs in your home’s climate control system and keep everyone healthier, from the youngest to the oldest.  They are easy to install, use about as much energy as a 40-watt bulb, and provide benefits all year long. This holiday season give yourself the gift that decidedly does not keep on giving (disease, that is). 

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