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5 Easy Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Ways to save energy

Why not cool off with some tips on how to save energy? The time of year has arrived when you’re turning your air conditioning on as temperatures grow warmer and warmer, welcoming Spring after a moderate winter. And we all know that spring in Pompano Beach and Port St. Lucie, FL, is just short of scorching summers, so your electricity bills will be skyrocketing unless we take action now! With five easy ways below for conserving power at home this season, it’s possible to get through these hot times without browning out under high utility costs.

1. Regular Maintenance

The most important yet obvious tip is to keep up with a regularly scheduled maintenance routine. How can you save energy (and money) if your system isn’t working to max efficiency in the first place? An old or “faulty” system works harder than it needs to, hence wasting precious energy.

The average homeowner wastes up to 30% of energy with bad air conditioning systems. Lindstrom’s maintenance agreements offer regular check-ups, discounts, and peace of mind where it counts! By maximizing your energy use with a scheduled maintenance plan, you can keep the system running smoothly and identify problems before they become costly repairs.

2. Upgrade Your Thermostat

A smart home doesn’t just stop at smart speakers and motion censored lights. It extends to your thermostat, and in this new day in age, it’s time to upgrade your thermostat not just for ease but for energy efficiency. Upgrade! Thermostat misreading, short cycling, and the lack of control results in missing out on energy-saving opportunities.

Programmable thermostats allow you to heat and cool your home according to your temperature and time settings. Turn it off when you’re at work, and program it to your liking when you wake up and go to bed.

Wifi thermostats are enormously convenient. You can control them from your phone in or out of the house. Similar to programmable thermostats, they allow you to take advantage of full energy-saving opportunities. With these upgrades, your thermostat is not having to work harder, if at all, when it doesn’t need to. Don’t worry about coming home to uncomfortable temperatures or tug-of-war every few minutes when moving the thermostat toggle up and down. Now, you can save energy, save money, and save yourself the headache.

3. Seal Your Home

Drafty homes are not only uncomfortable but bad for energy efficiency and the utility bill. With an upgraded thermostat system, you have to have a well-sealed home to go with it. What happens when you have a leak in this system? The AC unit’s power gets robbed because that air slips through nooks and crannies to reach its destination without being properly trapped by walls, windows, doors, etc.

4. Change Behaviors

We know this is the 21st century, and the ease and convenience of household chores and maintenance have become significantly easier. But, with ease can come increased energy use with just the simplest of tasks. We aren’t saying dry your clothes on a clothesline or heat up your house with candles and coal. Simple tasks like unplugging appliances, and chargers, and using ceiling fans to help take some of the strain off your thermostat can all make a difference in energy savings. To avoid this problem:

  • Make sure all windows shut tightly.
  • Caulk immobile parts such as trim around door frames on the inside surface with silicone sealant
  • Seal open stud cavities, drywall gaps, and light switches
  • Call an expert at Lindstrom to check for loose ductwork

5. Clean = Energy Efficient

We can’t stress this enough. Keep your air vents, filters, and ducts clean! You can do this regularly to maintain a “healthy” home. Why should your ventilation system have to waste energy to pump more air through clogged systems? The dirtier the vents, filters, and ducts, the harder your A/C has to run. Changing out your air filter every 2-3 months is crucial. Add it to your spring-cleaning list for the season.

Also, maintain your HVAC system by keeping furniture, draperies, and other items away from vents. Vacuum or wipe down any dust that accumulates near these supply openings to allow easy airflow through them!

Need help cutting back on energy and installing energy-efficient systems? Call our Lindstrom Air experts at (800) 813-1824.

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