17 Home Safety Month Tips for Your Family

17 Home Safety Month Tips for Your Family

Home Safety Month

Did you know that June is National Home Safety Month? Lindstrom cares about you and your family, so we’ve put together the top 17 home safety tips to help you get started to having a safer home for your family.Home Safety Month

  1. Place smoke alarms in each bedroom, outside of each sleeping area and on every level of the home. Test your smoke alarms each month and replace batteries when needed.
  2. Check electrical cords for any frays or if they exhibit any warmth. If so, unplug and replace them immediately.
  3. Develop, discuss and practice an evacuation plan with your family in case of fire or another emergency.
  4. Use safety plugs to cover all unused outlets.
  5. If you have young children, install hardware-mounted safety gates at the top and bottom of every stairway in the home.
  6. Have an emergency supply kit filled and stored where anyone can get to it if the need be.
  7. Use non-slip strips or floor mats in all bathtubs and showers to prevent slips and falls.
  8. Keep your car keys on your bedside table at night, next to you while you sleep—if you hear any suspicious noises in the middle of the night, you can turn on the alarm on your car to scare away any potential intruders.
  9. Plant thorny bushes (i.e., rose bushes) under ground-floor windows.
  10. Use childproof locks on any cabinets that contain cleaning supplies, soaps or medicines. Keep any medicine or other items that could be ingested out of children’s reach.
  11. Keep all exposed hot water pipes covered.
  12. Keep walkways clear of any clutter. Using throw rugs that can pose as a tripping hazard.
  13. Have fire extinguishers on every floor of the house.
  14. Make sure your house number is clearly marked on your mailbox and on your house so it can easily be seen by authorities.
  15. Make sure all televisions, stereos and computers on a sturdy stand that is not easily tipped if a child were to try to climb the front.
  16. Enclose your pool with a fence and lockable gate to prevent unsupervised swimming. Keep the gate lock when not in use and always have adult supervision with children in pools.
  17. Have a list of numbers (police, fire department, poison control, family, neighbors) accessible and easily readable.

Take an afternoon to make home safety something you can work together with your family during Home Safety Month.

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