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Rheem Heat Pump Water Heaters

This water heater works by actually transferring heat from the ambient air outside the unit, heating this air, and transferring this heat back into the water, making it a very cost- and energy-efficient process.


This energy-saving design will help a family reduce its carbon footprint by nearly two tons annually. In addition, the new water heater qualifies for a federal tax credit as well as many state and utility rebates and incentives.  The average annual operating cost for this technology will be between $225 and $280, or roughly half that of even the most efficient standard electric water heaters on the market today.   


  • 2.0 Energy Factor – Over TWICE the efficiency of standard electric water heaters
  • Uses heat pump technology for superb energy-efficiency
  • Easy-to-use LED touch pad controls the water temperature range, 3 energy efficiency settings, and overall operation
  • Ideal choice for new homes and for electric water heater replacements in attics, basements and garages
  • Installs as easily as a standard electric water heater
  • Standard 3/4″ NPT water inlet, outlet and condensate drain connections
  • 10-Year limited tank and parts warranty


  • 2.5-inch-thick, non-CFC foam insulation to minimize heat loss during standby periods when there is no demand for hot water;
  • A premium resistored anode rod extends tank life
  • Long-lasting stainless steel resistored elements
  • A factory-installed, brass drain valve
  • A factory-installed temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Hot and cold-water and condensate drain connections (all ¾-inch N.P.T.) on the side of the water heater, rather than on the top, for easier installation and maintenance

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