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Is It Time to Tune-Up Your Air Conditioner?

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According to experts, more than half of all air conditioning service calls are related to a lack of routine maintenance. As Florida reaches its peak summer temperatures you have to ask, Is it time for an A/C tune-up?

Lindstrom Air Conditioning is here to help. Let’s diagnose your system.

Symptom #1: There are strange smells.

Strange smells coming from your vents might be from burned insulation, damaged wires, or a pesky mold buildup.

Symptom #2: You’re hearing things.

If your A/C is making unusual sounds, contact Lindstrom Air Conditioning right away. Broken or loose parts that cause noises may result in costly repairs if not addressed.

Symptom #3: Your utility bills are higher than normal.

Skyrocketing Florida temperatures don’t have to equal rising utility bills. If you haven’t properly maintained your A/C unit, it can result in higher costs that have nothing to do with the heatwave.

Symptom #4: The airflow is low.

A reduction in airflow is most commonly caused by a blockage in your ductwork or clogged filters.

Symptom #5: The air isn’t cold.

Low refrigerant, a faulty thermostat, or a bad compressor can cause warm air to come out of your vents.

If your home is experiencing any of the symptoms above, you’re due for an AC tune-up. Don’t wait for your unit to break down to give Lindstrom Air a call. If you’re in Southeast Florida and need a tune-up, call us at (800) 813-1824 and schedule a service. We’re offering $89 tune-ups now through August 31!

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