When Lindstrom Met Nexia Home

A couple in their 50's relax in their home on the living room couch, enjoying reading and surfing the internet on their mobile touchscreen phones and computer tablet.

Have you ever wished you could come home to a perfectly comfortable house and save money on your energy bill? Do you spend your days wondering if you locked the door and your nights agonizing over whether or not you remembered to turn a light off?  Well, there’s an app for that. Ease your mind and automate your house with Nexia™ Home Intelligence from Schlage®.

What is Nexia HomeIntelligence?

Great question, thank you so much for asking. Amazon has the Alexa,iPhones have Siri, Iron Man has Jarvis, and Lindstrom has Nexia Home. If you’rein the mood to take something great and make it even better, Nexia Home is thenext step.

Nexia Home Intelligence takes all of your home automation systemsand puts them in conversation with one another through wireless technology. Youcan then control them through the Nexia app.

If you’re ready to purchase your first smart home system or lookingto upgrade your current one, Nexia is the solution.

So my devices are talking tome?

Well, not literally. I’m afraid Jarvis is still a few years away.Nexia Home allows you to adjust your home’s heating and cooling remotely fromalmost any web-enabled device.

What else can it do?

If you want to go full Home Alone, this is the device for you. Nexiaallows you to remotely lock and unlock your doors, turn on (and off) yourlights, and even track how much energy you’re using.

Did your daughter/son/husband/wife lock themselves out? You can letthem in through Nexia home.

Do you have a reoccurring guest (dog walker, fish feeder,babysitter, maid service) coming in? You can give her her own personal code toenter your home during a time frame set by you. You’ll even get a notificationand a video clip of their arrival.

How does it work?

Nexia uses a radio frequency-based technology, Z-Wave (R), totransform any single device to an intelligent network that can be securelymonitored and controlled remotely.

If you want to dig a little deeper, read all about Nexia’s Z-Waves here.

So do I have to buy all newdevices?

If you’re not ready to go full Tony Stark, you can start with asmall number of devices and add more to your network later down the road. Yourhome network can expand to include cameras, locks, sensors, small appliancemodules and more.

Okay, now I need Nexia Home Intelligence. What do Ido?

If you’d let to install Nexia in your home or have any questionsabout the system, give us a call. We’rehappy to help you achieve the smart home of your dreams, 100% satisfactionguaranteed.