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When do I know if I need a new water heater?

There are several signs that may indicate your water heater might be failing:

  • A complete or partial loss of hot water supply.
  • The unit no longer provides the same temperature or duration of hot water as it had in the past. 
  • Water buildup in or around the area of your water heater may suggest a leak.
  • Water-quality issues, such as rust or sediment visible in your water supply, could indicate the unit may be failing.
  • Excessive corrosion in the body of the heater or at its plumbing connections.
  • Leakage around plumbing fittings.
  • A leak in the body of the water heater. This requires immediate replacement.
  • The water heater makes “percolating” noises – indicating there is a lot of sediment or build-up in the bottom of the tank.

Don’t wait until your water heater leaks all over your floor, damaging everything in its path.  If you recognize these signs, contact your plumber.

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