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What Hot Weather Can Do to Your Plumbing

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As you probably know already cold weather can harm your plumbing. However, have you ever stopped to think about how the warm weather can also have a negative affect on the plumbing in your Florida home?

Since Florida is prone to hot weather it is important to keep an eye out for hot weather plumbing issues.

These are the most common hot weather plumbing issues:


Hot weather can cause leaks in your Florida home. If there is a long period without rain the ground can dry out. The ground drying out can cause your house to settle. If this happens under your plumbing system it can cause your water main to crack and leak. The dry ground can also cause your sewer main to settle and break or dip.

With hot weather comes storms, and with storms there is lightning. Some findings have shown that if you have copper plumbing and your electric is grounded to your plumbing, lightning strikes near your home may form leaks in your plumbing.

How this happens is when the lightning strikes it sends electricity through the ground. Electricity prefers to flow through metal rather than dirt so it seeks out buried copper pipes. The electricity moves through the pipes until it hits a dead end (copper pipe meets a plastic service line). Since the electricity needs an outlet, a mini lightning strike occurs inside the pipe. As the electric charge jumps from the copper to the water it leaves a hole behind.

Damage from UV rays

The hot weather and UV rays can also damage exposed plumbing pipes. Any exposed plumbing should be covered with insulation. Insulation not only protects your pipes from the cold in the winter but it also shields your pipes from UV rays in the summer.

Give Lindstrom Conditioning & Plumbing a call for your plumbing needs when you need a plumber in Fort Lauderdale or South Florida. We are here to help should you encounter any of the above problems.

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