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The Root of the Problem

Occasionally we come across a story that we feel compelled to share. In this case, one that it is impossible to ignore.

You may have heard horror stories from your family or friends about tree roots that penetrate pipes and block sewer lines– causing plumbing to back up into their homes.

In this particular case, the culprit causing the clog was bigger than our technician!

Unfortunately, the removal process can be traumatic, wreaking havoc on sidewalks and yards. And repair and replacement costs are much more expensive than maintenance.

Some homeowners don’t realize until it is too late that they are responsible for the drain piping called sewer lateral that leads to the public sewer line near their home.

How to Prevent the Problem

We always recommend sewer-jetting services to residents of South Florida, who have larger trees near their home. 

The main tool used in sewer jetting is pressurized water that will cut through any obstruction in your sewer piping system, without damaging your pipe.

Sewer jetting services are great preventative maintenance services and will ensure that your drainage pipes are free flowing and free from blockages. Many plumbing repair companies will also perform a video inspection of the drain after to confirm your sewer drain is clear.

If you would rather your sewer drain pipes be restored to nearly new condition than pull a jungle out of them in the future, we hope you will give Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing a call.

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