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Spring Cleaning Must-Dos

Spring cleaning

Spring is here! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and it’s time to get cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to organize and make your home sparkling clean. Spring cleaning is more than just the surface. It’s about getting deep into your home, and its systems, to take care of any dust and grime that accumulated during the colder months.

Here are your spring must-dos:

  • 1. Organize your garage
  • 2. Deep clean bathroom and kitchen
  • 3. Donate old clothes
  • 4. Clean between sofa cushions
  • 5. Clean dishwasher and washing machine
  • 6. Clean underneath refrigerator, oven, and other kitchen appliances
  • 7. Flush drains with hot water to check for leaks
  • 8. Power wash driveway, deck, and other outdoor areas
  • 9. Weed and clean up garden
  • 10. Clean out gutters and outdoor drains
  • 11. Clear slow drains
  • 12. Dust and clean air vents and returns
  • 13. Have your ducts professionally cleaned
  • 14. Install a whole-house air purification system
  • 15. Schedule your spring HVAC tune-up

A tune-up is an important step in your spring cleaning. During fall and winter, your air conditioner is often underutilized. This means dust and dirt can build up in your system. A tune-up will also help identify any issues in your system that could cause a break down during the summer when your system is at peak usage. Catch repairs before you’re left without AC!

Lindstrom follows a 19-point inspection process for checking your cooling system. We also offer a variety of maintenance agreements to help keep your system up and running all year long!

Schedule your $89 spring tune-up, TODAY!

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