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South Florida Allergies


allergiesWith beautiful, sunny weather all year-round, you may not think of South Florida would trigger your allergies, but it can. Even with our minor fluctuations in temperature can trigger plants to bloom and spread pollen throughout our community. Knowing what type of allergens you’re dealing with can help you better combat them. These are the most common allergens in Florida.

  1. River Birch (more common in NE Florida)
  2. Bayberry
  3. American Elm
  4. Oak
  5. Maple
  6. Pine
  7. Ragweed
  8. Grass
  9. Mold
  10. Dust

While the timing of these allergens varies throughout the year, many reach their peak in springtime. The best way to fight off these allergies is to be proactive. Proactive steps you can take are limiting time outside on high allergy days, using an air filter, air drying clothes indoors, and showering after prolonged time outdoors. These steps can help limit the number of allergens you take in and also the number in your home.

If you want to get more serious about your control over your allergies, consider and indoor air quality accessory. These HVAC components can go a long way to treating allergies and asthma as well as freshen up the air inside your home. When it comes to indoor air quality, you have a few options. Air cleaners, germicidal UV lamps, and aeroseal systems can all better the air you breathe.

All these options treat your whole-home, not just individual rooms. Air cleaners not only stop allergens from reaching your family, they kill them along with bacteria and mold. Germicidal UV lamps kills mold and bacteria that can grow inside your HVAC unit, keeping it out of the ducts and out of your air. A standard duct cleaning can also increase your air quality by ridding your ducts of allergens like dust, pet dander, and mold.

To talk about what option will best to give your family the freshest, healthiest air possible, give us a call today!

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