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Lindstrom Announces Duct Sealing Service

The air ducts in your home should bring cool, fresh air to every room in your home; but if your ducts aren’t sealed correctly about 20% of the air that leaves your air conditioner never makes it to its destination due to leaks, holes, and bad connections. This keeps utility bills high and comfort low. A well-sealed duct system can keep your home comfortable, safe, and more energy efficient. Lindstrom Air is proud to partner with Aeroseal to help southeast Florida homeowners save money and stay comfortable.

Aeroseal’s duct sealing process is state-of-the art. The process is simple:

  1. First, a technician seals all of the vents in the home and forces air through the system to evaluate the amount of air leakage. 
  2. Adhesive particles are sent through the ducts to find and seal the leaks.  These particles do not coat the ducts, they simply fill in any gaps they find as they move through the system.
  3. The technician forces air through the system again to ensure that the sealing is complete.
  4. Finally, the homeowner receives a computer-generated report of how much air leaked before and after the sealing was complete.

The whole procedure takes between four and eight hours.

The method was developed in the 1990s at University of California Berkley in conjunction with the United States Department of Energy. It has since been labeled as one of the most beneficial energy efficiency technologies for consumers.  The average home with sealed ducts saves about $300 per year. The effects of sealing are immediate and the seal is warranted for ten years.

Sealed ducts can have a huge impact:

  • Indoor Comfort: Think about those summer days when your home feels hot, no matter how low you set the air conditioner. Think about 20% of the cool air being produced escaping through the attic or walls to the outside.  Now think about how comfortable you’d be if 20% more cool air was coming through your ducts to you instead. 
  • Indoor Air Quality: Asthma and allergies can be aggravated by fumes from garden and household chemicals, as well as any insulation particles and dust that can enter the duct system through gaps and leaks. Sealed ducts can prevent this.
  • Energy Efficiency: If 20% of the air in your home is leaking out, your air conditioner has to work 20% harder to produce any desired comfort level in your home. If you save 20% of your utility bills every month, duct sealing pays for itself quickly.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Cutting the amount of fuel you’re burning by 20% every month means quite a significant reduction in the amount of pollution your home is generating.

Duct sealing is beneficial in many ways to any homeowner who has ducts that have developed leaks, holes, or bad connections.  If you would like to improve the comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency of your home, check your ducts and call a professional to have them sealed.

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