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Lindstrom Air Announces Drain Jetting Service

Lindstrom Air, a locally owned and operated business since 1975, has begun to offer drain jetting service to its customers.

Joe Canosa, General Manager of Lindstrom Air explains drain jetting: “Drain jetting is a cost-effective way of opening blocked drains. It can be used on all types of drains and all types of blockages. It works by feeding a special nozzle and hose through the drain and then using high pressure and water to clean the inside of the pipes. Any debris is flushed away down the pipe.” The pipe is as good as new after jetting.

Whether pipes are blocked by grease, food, hair, or anything else, drain jetting will effectively clear them. Other forms of unclogging drains, such as snaking, may open the clog but will not clear the pipes of any buildup.
Technicians can adjust the water pressure necessary for each individual blockage and the size and type of pipes.

“Unlike other methods of blockage clearing, drain jetting has virtually no chance of damaging pipes,” continues Canosa.

The pipes may then be subject to video inspection to confirm that the drain is clear.

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