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Is the Location of Your Thermostat Important?

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We know it may be hard to believe, but the location of the thermostat in your South Florida home is essential. Why? It could make a world of difference when it comes to comfort and energy efficiency.

Thermostats are often misplaced, leading to wasted energy and money. The placement of your thermostat can impact its accuracy as well. If you place it near a window, for example, the direct sunlight might make it sense, and therefore read, a significantly higher (warmer) temperature even though the inside is actually cooler. Poor location causes false readings that overwork HVAC systems and add strain. Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing has a few tips and solutions on how to get the most (and help save the most) from your thermostat.

Worst Placement for Your Thermostat

Direct sunlight. Be wary of your thermostat if it’s close to or across from a window with direct sunlight. The sun can fool your thermostat and cause false readings. This means that it will think there’s more heat coming out than what really exists, which unnecessarily wastes energy by cycling on and off.

Exterior walls. Although it may seem obvious, you don’t want your thermostat placed on an exterior wall unless you’re trying to measure the temperature outside. In correlation, be careful of placing it near windows and doors. In that case, your thermostat readings will be heavily influenced by outside temperatures and weather, which isn’t always what you want indoors.

Kitchens. The kitchen is a big red flag when it comes to the placement of your thermostat. There’s too much extra heat when kitchen appliances are being used. Like being placed in sunlight, excess heat causes your thermostat to kick into high gear, cooling down a house that doesn’t need it. Or, on the contrary, it can also fail to warm up a home that needs it because it thinks the house is warm enough from the appliances’ heat. Either way, placing a thermostat in or near a kitchen only results in false readings.

Avoid air vents. When air is blown out of your vent, it will be significantly warmer or cooler than the overall temperature in your home. This causes significant fluctuations and makes your house less comfortable! The thermostat placed directly above or below a supply register can really confuse the system.

Best Placement for Your Thermostat

If you want the best results from your thermostat, position it centrally in a room that’s often used like a living room rather than tucked away somewhere. The ideal height for this sensor would be about eye level, if possible, because heat rises. Keeping it centered to the floor and ceiling or at eye level will make readings more accurate and factual.

If you believe you’re wasting money and energy because of your thermostat placement, talk to one of the experienced professionals at Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing. We’re ready and willing to provide solutions that best fit you and your family.

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