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HVAC Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Warning signs for HVAC

Looking to keep your HVAC system running smoothly? We’ve all been there – strange smells, inexplicable noises, and sky-high energy bills that make us want to run away and hide. Don’t worry though! Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing is here to help you tackle any warning signs that your HVAC system may be sending your way – because sometimes, taking a little extra time now can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.


If you smell something unusual coming from your HVAC system, this could be a sign of larger issues. Burning smells may indicate that the wiring is malfunctioning or overheating, while acrid smells may mean an issue with the insulation. In either case, it’s best to get an expert in to look as soon as possible in order to avoid any further damage. Make sure not to ignore warning signs from your HVAC system and take appropriate action before it’s too late!


Got a strange noise coming from your HVAC system? Before you start suspecting poltergeists, it could mean something more mundane, like a problem with your heating and cooling system. Loud banging noises could indicate loose parts in the ducts, and if your furnace is squeaking it means that the motor bearings need attention. On the other hand, rattling noises might hint at some debris hanging around inside the air handler – so it’s best to get an expert to investigate this as soon as possible! Don’t ignore these strange sounds; they’re trying to tell you something!

Excess Water

Have you started noticing puddles in strange places around your home? It might be time to take a closer look at your HVAC system! While a little extra water can sometimes mean that the rain gods are showering you with their blessing, it could also indicate much more serious issues. A clogged condensate line or frozen condenser coils could be the cause – and they require immediate attention from a Lindstrom specialist. If you delay getting them fixed, you might literally find yourself standing in a pool of problems!

Rising Energy Bills

If your power bills have been inexplicably skyrocketing and you haven’t spotted an increase in either your rate, electricity usage, or temperature, then it’s likely that something is amiss with your HVAC system! It’s time to call in the pros at Lindstrom for a check-up on your HVAC system. It could be something as simple as a blocked condensate line that is causing your HVAC system to run inefficiently, or an undetected leak in your home’s insulation. Other causes could include malfunctioning equipment or appliances, outdated insulation, poor ventilation, and a blockage that’s causing your unit to work harder than it should. Save yourself the trouble of playing detective yourself and let us find the culprit! Better yet, regularly scheduled maintenance will avoid the headache and your wallet in the long run.

If you take the time to pay attention to the warning signs of a potential HVAC issue and get it fixed in a timely manner, you’ll save yourself time and money down the road. So keep your eyes open for those warning signs – if your AC isn’t quite working out the way it should be, now’s the time to call Lindstrom Air Conditioning & Plumbing at (800) 813-1824! Schedule your service today!

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