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How Weather Can Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

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Imagine this: It’s a classic, hot summer day in Florida. After soaking up the sun all day long, you head inside to cool off and breathe in clean, cool and quality air. As you’re cooling off, are you thinking about your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

Probably not. Your first thought, as you cool off is most likely not how the weather impacts your IAQ, but it’s important to keep in mind!

Curious how weather affects your IAQ and how you can make sure your home has the best IAQ possible?

5 Ways Weather Can Affect Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):

  1. Mold Growth – With rising temperatures, people turn up their A/C units. But, when you cool air, you get water. Without a good filtration system, the moisture in your air conditioner turns into dust. The dust builds up, and wet dust turns into mold.
  2. Pollen – When the temperature rises so does the pollen count! This affects indoor and outdoor air quality. Many people with allergies are impacted by a high pollen count.
  3. Windows – On a hot summer day, you might think to open a window. If hot, air blows inside and if you don’t have a quality HVAC unit or dehumidifier, your IAQ will be negatively impacted. Weather, such as extreme heat, can increase the potential for indoor moisture and mold growth, if not controlled by proper ventilation or air conditioning.
  4. Humidity – More moisture in the air encourages mold growth. A well-maintained A/C unit and dehumidifier fights this growth and improves your IAQ.
  5. Rain/Storms – It is no secret that Florida can be very rainy at times. If there are leaks on the exterior of your home, moisture and water are let in. Dampness occurs due to the leaks on the exterior, which builds up and turns into mold. This can lead to externalities such as breathing problems and asthma.

A humid and hot summer is a recipe for risky IAQ. If you are experiencing poor IAQ or wanting to take preventative measures for the best IAQ all summer long, give us a call at (800) 813-1824 or schedule an online appointment!

We want to make sure your home has the best IAQ possible! Don’t wait any longer to keep your home cool and full of quality clean air!

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