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How to tell if you need an A/C Repair or Replacement

Repair or replace A/C

Imagine coming in from the hot South Florida sun and desperately trying to cool down, just to realize that your A/C is blowing lukewarm air when you need a nice cool breeze the most. Awful, right? And to make things worse, you immediately wonder if the problem is fixable or if you will need an all-new system. Well, you’re in luck. Lindstrom Air Conditioning and Plumbing has 3 crucial points that will help you determine if it’s time for a repair or a replacement.


How old is your A/C system? Although many of us would like to hope and wishfully think that our systems will last forever with some maintenance, that’s simply not true. Did you know that most A/C units only last anywhere between 8-15 years? And that depends on how well you’ve taken care of it to that point. But, if your unit is older than 10-years-old, chances are it’s probably time for an upgrade. Older models automatically run less efficiently and have lower SEER ratings than the more modern units. But, if your unit is less than 10 years old, a simple repair may be fine. Keep reading for more helpful hints.

Repair Frequency

Let’s be honest, a new air conditioner isn’t the most affordable home system. But repairs over time can actually cost you more in the long run. Think about it. If your system needs constant maintenance and repair, replacing it will save you money.

Consider an upgrade if the malfunctions that you’re repairing include:

  • Blowing Lukewarm air
  • Smells and noises out of the ordinary
  • Little or no airflow
  • High humidity
  • Frequent on and off cycling

High Energy Bills

High utility bills are a significant cause of concern for many people. If you’ve noticed that your electricity use and the bill have increased and it seems like nothing can help, then there’s hope! A new system may decrease those high costs by up to 50%. Newer models are designed to cool better than older models while using half as much energy. So not only will this save money over time, but it will also help maintain more comfortable temperature levels during Florida’s long stretch of summer heat.

Consult an Air Conditioning Expert in South Florida

The number one way to know your best course of action with a failing air conditioning system is to consult with a Lindstrom Air expert! The HVAC technicians from Lindstrom will inspect your system and give you all the information necessary so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll explain how repairing vs. replacing affects both short-term costs and long-term investments in your home, including what kind of energy efficiency each option offers. Call us today at (800) 813-1824 to schedule your service appointment!

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