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How to Get Toys and Other Objects Out of the Toilet

Toys in toilet

Kids at a certain age seem to really enjoy putting their toys into the toilet. Because, who doesn’t want to watch rubber ducky take a ride around the bowl and disappear?! I can still remember those days. We always seemed to be enjoying a moment of peace right before we realized a disaster was waiting for us in the other room. For those of you with young kids right now or even grandparents with their grandkids running around, the below tips may help you rescue a beloved toy or avoid a plumbing disaster one of these days.

Try grabbing the end of the toy, if you can still see it, and pull it out of the drain. If you’re squeamish, grab a pair of rubber gloves first or try using a pair of kitchen tongs. If you’re lucky and are able to grab it out, problem fixed! And, don’t forget to sanitize them really well later (or buy new ones) if you used kitchen tongs.

If you can see the toy, but not get a grip with your hands, try hooking something like a bent hanger to see if you can pull it out this way. Make sure to pull slow to retrieve the toy and be very careful to avoid scratching the sides of the bowl with the hanger.

You can also try to fish it out of the drain by making a slip knot with string and looping it around a part of the toy then slowly try to pull it free.

If you can’t physically see the toy to remove it, try a plunger. After several plunges you should be able to dislodge the toy down the drain. Make sure to avoid excessive force because this can actually cause damage to your toilet bowl.

If none of the above options worked, try inserting the end of an auger into your toilet and start twisting. You may be able to recover the toy this way or you may end up sending it down the drain. If the auger is able to catch on the surface of the toy, you should be able to retrieve it by slowly removing the auger.

We do not recommend using chemical drain cleaners as they use sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid which are both very corrosive to your plumbing.

Something we learned when our kids were going through this curious stage, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a toilet lock or keep a key for the bathroom so your kids can only be in the bathroom when you’re aware of it. They’ll eventually outgrow this stage and move on to other things.

If none of these options end up working for you, call your local Pompano Beach and Palm City professional plumber at (800) 813-1824. We’ll be able to remove the obstruction and prevent any further problems or damage.

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