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DIY Safety


As you know accidents happen. However, most of the accidents
in your home can be prevented.

You may have heard numerous times about home safety tips
stemming from fire safety, electrical safety, and the like.
But how often do your hear about home DIY project safety?

DIY projects have become increasingly popular so we have a few tidbits of helpful information to share with you.

When working on DIY projects around the home it is important to know what work you can do yourself and what work you should have a professional do. Plumbing and HVAC work can be dangerous, a professional is recommended. Local building, plumbing codes, and laws need to be followed. 

If you are about to embark on a DIY project it is important to follow these do’s and don’ts:


1. Work while impaired
    A surefire way to get injured is having your focus be off while working with

2. Misuse tools or equipment.
     Use tools for their intended purpose only.

3. Ignore safety codes.
    Plumbing and other building safety codes are put in place for a reason. That reason  
    being to keep you and the general public safe.

4. Ignore the smell of gas.
    A gas leak is extremely hazardous. If you smell natural gas or suspect a leak, if safe to   
    do so turn off the gas and call your gas company.


1.Protect your eyes
   Protecting your eyes is simple. Wear safety glasses. Your future self will thank you.

2. Protect your hands
    Your hands come into contact with many different things. Some of those things can be 
    very dangerous. Wear appropriate gloves to protect your hands

3. Protect your lungs
    When sawing or sanding it is important to use a face mask to protect your lungs
     from harmful dust particles.

4. Be cautious
    Pay attention to what you are doing and always have a helper to make completing your
    project safer and easier.

If you need a helping hand contact the professionals at Lindstrom Plumbing and Air Conditioning we are glad to help you with your plumbing and air conditioning needs.

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