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Fall air conditioner tune-up

Time for a Tune-up

During the fall months, demand for air conditioning services usually is not as high, as the focus shifts towards heating systems. What this means for homeowners is more prevalent discounts and more flexibility in scheduling appointments.

We, for example, are offering an $89.00 19-point cooling tune-up, and to top it off we will donate $1 from every service call and tune-up in October to breast cancer research. If that doesn’t convince you we have a few other points that may.

While temperatures are steadily dropping in other areas, places like South Florida remain in the 70’ s-80’s in the Fall months. The warmer temperatures cause South Florida homeowners to have to run their air conditioners for a little longer. This constant usage month after month can take a toll on a cooling system.

Constant usage usually means a dirty cooling system. Did you know the number one cause of air conditioning failure is dirt? One way to keep your system clean is to have a qualified technician clean it at the beginning of every heating season.

An AC tune-up will pay for itself quickly. Tune-ups not only help prevent costly problems in the future that could have a negative impact on the system, but they also extend the life of your system, usually by three to five years.

If your system is still under warranty annual maintenance is required to keep it. Most major manufacturers require it. In our opinion it’s worth keeping the peace of mind that comes with having a warranty; it’s not worth the risk of losing it.

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